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About Halse Solar

Halse Solar Limited is the UK & Ireland importer of the Sunbrush range of Solar Panel Cleaners. Born out of Halse South West, our Six Generation family business selling farm machinery, we have extensive experience in tractor mounted implements.

With a spare parts departments and 24 mechanics at our disposal, we can service, maintain and provide operator training, so that you will operate the machine safely and effectively, with minimal downtime.

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Partnership with SunBrush

SunBrush mobil have been developing and producing intelligent Solar cleaning systems for over 15 years. Before then, Franz Ehleuter, the mechanical engineer and company founder, was developing and producing car wash systems. His brother installed his first solar farm in 2003 and Ehleuter realised that these photovoltaic sites require intelligent care, due to loss of performance and damage from dirt and micro-organisms. Sunbrush was born. Halse partnered with Sunbrush in Autumn 2018 to provide the local sales and service the market required.

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Edward, Philip and Peter Halse. Ed or Philip would be delighted to speak to you if you’re interested.
Contact Ed on 07375 544773 and Philip at the office on 01404 42121.

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