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You can customise the equipment so you can deliver the right level of service to your customers. Learn more about Hot Water 200, Diagnostic 4.0 and our Tank System.

Hot Water
Using the hot water system to clean removes the dirt and grime faster, while using less water.
It also reduces the temperature differential between the water and the panels, enabling you to clean on very hot days.
Tank System
Using the tank system you can bring the water to the Sunbrush and pump it into the IBC container mounted on the tractor. It improves efficiency through reducing the time spent refilling.
Diagnostic 4.0
SunBrush mobil Diagnostic combines efficient cleaning of the solar module with the evaluation of the module quality in one operation.

- Detects HotSpot faults 
- Detects faults from defective cell connectors
- Detects failures of sub-strings in a module 
- Localization of the faults in a module field 
- Remote monitoring of the cleaning work
- Changes in the module quality become visible


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Unrivaled cleaning for solar farms. The easiest way to maintain solar production.

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